Swiss Cheese 12' Parachute

Swiss Cheese 12' Parachute
Swiss Cheese 12' Parachute
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Tired of the same old ''cheesey'' parachute games? Try the exclusive Swiss Cheese Parachute for a new twist on an old favorite. Many cooperative game options get everyone involved! Play as one team, together maneuvering balls through a set sequence; or as opposing teams, one trying to get balls into open holes, while the other tries to keep them out. Make scoring options by numbering or color coding the holes and balls, or have the students make up their own rules! Teams will learn and develop skills required for success. The open holes vary in diameter from 7-12", and have ''catch nets'' underneath.

Hands-on, fun-filled way to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and group problem solving. Flame-retardant nylon parachute has five randomly spaced holes of various diameters (79") that act as goals. Players work together to place a ball into a hole. Set includes three foam balls. Patented. Has 12 handles. Every 1' of diameter accommodates about one user, so 12 users would need a 12' parachute.

SIZE: 12' dia., 5 open holes (7" -9"), 12 handles.

What size parachute do you need for you class? Every 1' of diameter accommodates about one user, so twelve students would need a 12' parachute.

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