SuperChute 19 1/2' Rainbow Parachute

SuperChute 19 1/2'  Parachute
SuperChute 19 1/2' Parachute
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Parachutes with SuperChute Grip! Get a better "grip" on your parachute activities with this breakthrough parachute grip! This design permits greater participation and more productive activity time. Use the SuperChute Grip Parachutes just as you would any traditional parachute, to develop upper arms and shoulders with vigorous, fun exercises, games, and dances. The 1" foam grip is sewn directly into the chute. This handle-free grip replaces traditional web handles. Grip surrounds a tough flame-retardant nylon fabric in alternating color panels with reinforced skirt. Center air-release hole covered with mesh fabric.

For students with minimal hand strength, the Superchute Grip on this parachute provides them with an easy grip and helps build up their hand strength. The foam grip provides students with a secure handle for everyone in the class. For students who have trouble holding on to a loop, the foam grip gives them tactile sensory input as they can squeeze the foam while they grip the parachute.

The bright traditional colors of the parachute continually keep your students attention, while they continue to build their hand strength by squeezing the foam grip and their arm strength by joining in any parachute activity.

Includes oversized nylon storage bag.

SIZE: 19.5' dia.

What size parachute do you need for you class? Every 1' of diameter accommodates about one user, so twelve students would need a 12' parachute.

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